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*** Today (April 7th) people in Compton, California are celebrating the memory of*Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. The former major of Compton,*Omar Bradley, declared April 7th to be “Eazy-E” day stating “Eric madeCompton*famous not just in California, but all over the world,” at*Eazy’s funeral, continuing “I recognizeEazy*as a young man who grew up in the streets of Compton–and brothers and sisters, we know it’s not ‘easy’ growing up in Compton.”*****Eazy, known for founding*Ruthless Records*which released albums by rap groups like*N.W.A.,*The D.O.C.,*Above The Law,*Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony*and others.*

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Also check out this dedication mixtape by Knifer, Download,Listen,Discuss here.

NEW Eazy-E Tribute album Available April 2014 #eazye #ruthlessmemories @ruthlesslegacy / Ruthless Propaganda Present:

Ruthless Memories
An album Dedicated to Eric (Eazy-E) Wright
It will be available mid April 2014.
The album features some of our best songs from the various projects we have released these past 9 years. It will also contain New dedications.
Full artwork and track list available soon.

More info HERE

March 26th will be 19 Years since the death of Eazy-E #eazye #ripeazye @ruthlesslegacy

March 26th will be 19 years since the passing of Eric (Eazy-E) Wright. Over the past 9 years we ( have always done something special for E. Always on his birth and death date. We have released over 9 mixtapes, various exclusive video interviews and music from his Ruthless Artists and children, All in celebration of his life and impact he had on us and the world. The past 3 years on his Birthday we have done Tribute shows with the support of his Original Ruthless Family. This year on March 26th we will make public the first issue cover of Ruthless Legacy Magazine. Also on that day we will release the cover to Ruthless Memories the Album and will release Ruthless Memories Part 2. We will also upload 1 hour of Ruthless Memories part 2 on that day. On March 27th 2014 i will be LIVE on THE Murder Master Music Show so tune in. Also please join us the biggest Eazy-E database and community on the web. Search anything about Eazy or Ruthless on that forum and u will find truthful answers. We pride our self’s on spreading facts ONLY, not bullshit like facebook sometimes tends to spread.
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DJ Diablo Eazy-E Tribute “Ruthless Memories Mix” 2012

Ruthless Memories Mix off Eazy-E Tribute Mixtape “Ruthless Memories 2″ Special shout to DJ Diablo for this great mix.

playDJ Diablo Eazy-E Tribute “Ruthless Memories Mix” 2012 mp3 Download