• Eazy-E :20 Year Anniversary of His passing #eazye #20yearslater #straightouttacompton

    March 26 was 20 years since the passing of Eric (Eazy-E) Wright. It was nice to see that people like Dr Dre, Ice Cube and various radio stations payed homage to Eazy-E on his 20th anniversary. Hopefully this tradition continues and its not just because of that NWA movie.
    Julio G did his tribute show to E as he always does every years since his close friends passing.
    As you already know, Eazy-ECPT.com has been showing Eazy-E love 24/7, every day since our site launched 10 years ago . We gonna keep at it and always remember His Memory and Legacy. RIP EAZY-E

    ICE CUBE mentions Eazy’s kids, Heller, Tomica and NWA Movie #eazye #straightouttacompton

    This is a new interview from BIG BOY of 92.3 LA’s Hip Hop N’ R&B station in Los Angeles.
    Ice Cube speaks about the NWA Movie and mentions various topics. Good interview.
    Share, comment and like this post. R.I.P. Eazy-E

    Rest In Peace, Joe K.J. Fierro : A Ruthless Original #eazye #ruthlessfamily

    On March 1st 2015 the world lost a great person.  I was fortunate enough to have met K.J. and been able to know him.  He had so much love and support for the entire Ruthless Movement and Eazy’s children.  It was always very interesting to hear him talk about his memories hanging out with Eazy and NWA.  He will be missed .

    K.J.  was one of Eazy-E’s original bodyguards from the NWA days.   Below are a couple great links with more information . R.I.P. homie and thanks for always showing us love and support.

    KJ_Mustafa_BenWesthoff Photo by BEN WESTHOFF


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    Great article by


    Joe Fierro, a bodyguard for N.W.A who was known as KJ Mustafa, died yesterday in Pleasanton, California. He was 61.

    Fierro was right in the thick of things during the Compton-based gangsta rap group’s most volatile years. As head of security for their label, Ruthless Records, he was in charge of protecting the group at a time when countless people were gunning for them, both figuratively and literally.

    For N.W.A’s first national tour in 1989, shortly after the release of Straight Outta Compton, Fierro gave the group firearm training. For all their bravado, it turns out they didn’t really know how to handle guns. READ MORE


    Straight Outta Compton Official Red Band Trailer 1 2015 Paul Giamatti #straightouttacompton

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