If you have not heard the news yet! Director Marty Thomas released the Directors cut of Real Muthaphukkin G’s. Check out the video below.
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Unseen Eazy-E music video #StraightOuttaCompton #EAZYE #NWA


A very rare video will be made public later tonight.  It almost feels as if it was released by Eazy-E as a reaction to the Straight Outta Compton movies lack of mentioning Eazy’s Ruthless Crew during the Ruthless VS Deathrow era.  Since Dr Dre was one of the producers, of course he was going to suppress some facts about that time period.

The movie completely makes no mention of BG Knocc Out, Dresta , Dirty Red and some other key figures that were down with E during the last years of his life. It’s understandable, not everyone can be in the movie.  As big Eazy-E fans and in a way Eazy-E historians, we just like to promote facts and educate the youth and some original fans on what is real.

This is a very exciting time for Eazy-E fan’s world wide.  The release of the NWA movie was something that has been long overdue.  Most Original fans can spot the fact and fiction through out the film.   I hope the world is ready for this Director’s cut of Eazy-E’s classic hit.


Friday September 18th, at 7pm (West Coast time) The Directors cut of Eazy-E’s Real Muthaphukkin G’s will be made public.  It will be available Exclusively at and  Make sure you subscribe HERE to get it first!  Below is a statement by the Director Marty Thomas.

“This was a version Eazy and I edited together because he wanted to put both the radio-edit and then release months later this explicit version but he got sick (RIP Eric). It was never on-lined from our rough-cut because there was no funding to finish. THEN my friend director Gary Gray makes Straight Outta Compton so I decided to finish it myself with the help of my team including Agustin Froggy Gonzalez for Eazy at my own expense. Apologies for it taking so long.”

Peace, Marty Thomas, director.

BTW check out my white dorkyness at 5:06 & 5:25 lol

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Note: “Marty Thomas is a feature film director who has made thrillers for Lionsgate Entertainment and television series content for NBC/Universal. His career has spanned 25 years and he’s won many top awards including a Congressional Citation from the United States Congress for his directing work for Amnesty International. Marty has also directed numerous hit MTV videos around the world. His film production company website: ”

ACTUAL VIDEO LINK BELOW! Will be active at 7 pm pacific time


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Today Eazy-E would have turned 51 years old.  Even though his grave stone reads 1963, He was really born in 1964.  Happy Birthday Eazy-E, Your memory and Legacy live forever !  Below is a link to download the NEW tribute single by Kokane, Produced by Yu-Lekz for 3 Finger Productions.    Also here are some images of Eazy’s resting place taken today, courtesy of J.A.Dietsch.   R.I.P. Eazy-E and all those loved ones we have lost through out the years.

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Monday September 7th would have been Eazy-E’s 51’s Birthday. For the past 10 years has done something special to celebrate this occasion.  The past 4 years we have been fortunate and honored to have hosted a Birthday/Tribute show for E.  This years birthday we will be releasing a Tribute song dedicated to Eazy-E. The song is by Kokane and is titled “Eazy’s Legacy” Produced by Yu-Lekz for 3 Finger Productions.  It’s the first single from the upcoming album “Ruthless Family – Disciples of E.  This album will feature Ruthless Family members including: JJ FAD, Cold187um, Ruthless Dirty Red, BG Knocc Out, Kokane, Pistol, and more to be announced.  Album is scheduled for release March 2016

Celebrate with us the life and legacy of Eric (Eazy-E) Wright.

Join us online and get your FREE Download on September 7th.

– Ruthless Propaganda



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