Ruthless Propaganda / Eazy-ECPT.com are currently working on bringing that Old School G Shit back with a Ruthless Family Compilation album titled: Disciples of E. ┬áThis compilation will feature artists who were once part of Eazy-E’s great Ruthless Empire (1987-95)…


Ruthless Memories part 2 is officially out now. This is a straight forward, REAL, NON POP/MTV/VH1 Mass Media bullshit film about the realest Gangster Rappers in the world. Eric Eazy-E Wright forever changed the world with his ground breaking group and label NWA/Ruthless Records. Make sure you support this independent film and learn the truth about The Godfather of Gangsta Rap.


BREAKING NEWS! Within the next 48 hours Ruthless Memories part 2 will be available for free viewing online. more details at Facebook.com/ruthlessmemories


Murs says that he tries to pay tribute to Eazy-E whenever he has the opportunity to do so because he feels it is “important to make sure our heroes aren’t forgotten.”


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