Today marks 21 years since The Godfather of Gangsta Rap Eric (Eazy-E) Wright passed away.  I can still remember the day i heard the news that my favorite rapper was dead.  I was only 17 years old and was devastated with the news.  Eazy-E will always be my favorite rapper and we will always do our best at to make sure the world never forgets about E from the CPT.  On this day many fans will celebrate by bumping Eazy’s music all night and day.  Looking at videos and pictures of E.  Even maybe going to pay their respects at his burial site.  I feel happy to see all the attention Eazy’s been getting lately due to the release of the NWA movie Straight Outta Compton.  It is also nice to see Eazy’s children all grown up and doing all they can to keep their fathers name and memory alive.   R.I.P. Eazy-E, we still miss you and never will forget you.

Below ill be posting some of the latest things going on today March 26th in memory of Eazy-E.

– Julio G, one of Eazy’s close friends will be playing Eazy-E all day today on his radio station.

go to: search station 1580


Also the homie Arpad Lovas created a very nice image in dedication to Eazy-E.



Kinema Ivra will be posting some unseen footage of Eazy-E today on her facebook page so make sure you check out her page and show support.

Today is also the re launch of Ruthless Propaganda Radio. Tune in all week long to listen to music by Ruthless Artists and Eazy-E Dedication songs by Independent artists.  You can also submit your own songs, leave a comment for more info on that.


MORE Updates will be made through out the day.


Great Rhythm D interview.


Happy New Year and Merry Muthaphukkin X Mas Straight from Eazy-E’s mexican / latino potege Toker from The Brownside. Here is a gift straight from Toker to all his fans. Spread the word!!

Happy holidays.

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