Today, April 7th is Officially Eazy-E DAY in the city of Compton.   We will celebrate by playing some of our favorite Eazy-E songs and watching countless videos of E online.  Maybe ill even crack open a 40oz in memory of EAZY.   How will you celebrate?

In celebration of EAZY-E DAY i offer a FREE Download of a song Kokane recorded for the upcoming Ruthless Family album titled Disciples of E.  Download the single – Kokane : Eazy’s Legacy (Radio Edit) HERE

Also here is a fun song for the children.  D.E.O.  – EAZY-E Is Awesome FREE DOWLOAD HERE

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Kokane: Eazy’s Legacy Produced by Yu-Lekz : Koke Iz It Publishing BMI Ruthless Propaganda ASCAP

D.E.O. Eazy-E Is Awesome Produced by AM BEATZ Ruthless Propaganda ASCAP

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