Ruthless Memories part 2 is officially out now. This is a straight forward, REAL, NON POP/MTV/VH1 Mass Media bullshit film about the realest Gangster Rappers in the world. Eric Eazy-E Wright forever changed the world with his ground breaking group and label NWA/Ruthless Records. Make sure you support this independent film and learn the truth about The Godfather of Gangsta Rap.


BREAKING NEWS! Within the next 48 hours Ruthless Memories part 2 will be available for free viewing online. more details at Facebook.com/ruthlessmemories


Murs says that he tries to pay tribute to Eazy-E whenever he has the opportunity to do so because he feels it is “important to make sure our heroes aren’t forgotten.”


This project is an album which will feature Ruthless Family Originals: BG Knocc Out, Dirty Red, Kokane, Cold187um, Steffon, Rhythm D, Loesta, and ALT The Saint.

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