Eric Wright J.R.

Born and raised in muthaphukkin Compton. Lil Eazy is bringin back tha real west coast Gangsta Shit that we once loved. His new single titled "Gangsta Shit" will drop real soon. Lil E's debut album "Prince of Compton" is due out January, 2006. Make sure you check out his official websites , and

Lil Eazy was at KDAY (93.5fm) on Friday March, 25 2005. A day before his fathers 10 year anniversary of his passing. Host of West Side Radio "Julio-G" dedicated a show to Eric "Eazy-E" Wright and also had his oldest son in the studio playin some of his fathers music a swell as some of his own. Thanks to Julio-G(a good friend of Eazy-E) I had the chance to meet Lil'E "Son of a Legend named Eazy-E"

7-29-2011 UPDATE

go to for all the latest new and info on Lil Eazy-E. below is a great interview that was filmed a few weeks ago.