Reflections on Eazy-E

Eazy-E, One of the realest muthaphukkaz to ever live. Left us too soon. As i reflects on the achivements that Eazy-E acomplished one can only imagine how far he would have taken his Ruthless empire. He died too soon, thats all one can say. His spirit still lives within us all, His memory is always present in our minds. Live life like its your last day. Be thankful you live and have the capability to achive anything you set your mind to.

First Power

"I am the ressurection and the life. He who believes in me, though he
dies, yet shall relive, and whoever lives and believes in me shall never
die...(shutup, bitch). Fear not them which kill the body, rather fear Him
which is able to destroy both body and soul in Hell. Get thee behind me
Satan and push me along."

"All this power I will give thee, if thou therefore wilt worship me.
All shall be thine..."

"Come with me bitch as we go through the door, backwards. Heaven in art
which Father our, Our Father which art in Heaven...(hey muthaphukka!)
See ya `round, buddy boy."

Eazy Chapter 8 Verse 10

(Alright Go)
This comes from the E Chapter 8 verse 10 and it reads
Its time to put some niggaz in check
When you shoot a gun hot shells eject
Catch'em they get used as evidence
Only when they get brushed for finger prints
You ask Why am I like this?
Cuz you wanna hear about shit like this
So I tell it how I know it Just hope the fuck I dont show it
Niggaz out frontn lottering and looting.
Lets recreate a drive by shooting
More brothers in a car blocks away
Waiting to spray, shotgun,Mack10 and an AK
They roll thru to a line of nigga's
It was 9 just like tha fuck they figured
Go around tha corner come back real slow
Lights off,cars in neutral,rolln at a snails pace and creepn
Hoping to catch all of them sleepn,a so called gang,drugs and sex
Start busting a cap and all tha others jet,3 of'em fall to their doom
Pronounced dead at the scence,with gun shot wounds
3 dead cuz Compton is scanless.
I'd like to tell ya brother, Ashes to Ashes,Dust to Dust (Amen)
(You will now witness tha sound of ??)(We will now pass around tha
(thats good enough)No it aint,you fucked up, you fucked up (its cool)
it aint

Approach to Danger

Final approach to danger, death, destruction around every corner,
another dead body and you wanna keep running.
But even the rain turns black,
all you can do is stay alert to try to say out of the search-light.
No prison, nobody makes bail,
everybody gotta go but see, it ain't no jail.
Think about death, taking your last breath,
heart beating like a motherfucker like there ain't no time left.
For so many ways to stay up, I gotta get mine,
even though they wanna make a crime.
Yo, I'm being real, a better or latter in the beginning,
because it will release the fucking police.
Fuck 'em, I approach to danger,
cause I don't give a fuck if somebody gotta get fucked up.
So you might as well kiss your ass goodbye,
cause in the long run... (we'll all die)

Last words

Eazy-E, his life is an example of someone who made something out of himself and did his best to get to the top. Use his example for motivation when you feel no one understands you or supports you. Do the best you can with your life and Take good care of yourself because at the end of the day, all you have is you and your family.

Words From Eazy-E

"playin the game, while niggaz starve, got it goin on wish we were their, wish we were their breaking all the rules, while niggas tryin to play fair, aint ntohing fair in this game of life, gotta get urs before u lose ur life, the game is designed for them to win, think im lying visit the pen, they already got a number reserved for their ass, dont be a fool and join they class, they want u to enroll in their institution, so they can pimp u with they new form of prostitution, wake up my niggas and in the clear, don tbe a slave to this game called fear, u gota mind, u gotta use it, cuz if u dont they will use it, dont be a victim to their game, learn rules my niggas and do the same, there's a lot more money on that other side, and my niggas, u dont have to run and u dont have to hide"